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FORUMCC strives to see Tanzania that is a resilient nation ensuring sustainable economic growth, dignified futures for its people in the face of increasing impacts of climatic change.


To enhance effectiveness of Tanzanian CSOs to promote low carbon and adaptive sectors’ growth for the benefit of vulnerable people and ecosystems.

STRATEGIC AREAS(2016 – 2020)

Five (5) sectors; Energy; Water; Agriculture and Livestock; Infrastructure, Coastal and Urban Resilience. Thematic issues; transparency, accountability and governance; Political Will; and Enablers/Disablers.

The main focus of the above strategic areas will be:
1. Information and Knowledge generation and dissemination.
2. Policy engagement and Advocacy; and
3. Learning, networking, and institutional strengthening.


Brief Analysis of key decision of COP20/CMP10

The Twentieth Session of the Conference of the Parties and Tenth Session of the Conference of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (COP20/CMP10) was held in Lima-Peru. The Conference started on 1th December 2014 and dramatically closed on 14th December 2014 at 2am which was more than 30 hours after the [...]


Severe impact of climate change is already  visible around the world and are set to worsen in the future, making adaptation necessary, even under the most optimistic emission reduction scenarios. The increasing number of extreme weather events, such as flooding, as recently experienced in China and Pakistan, rising sea level, [...]